Wednesday, November 6, 2013

SOG Clear Stamp Release - Little Loves

Okay, so generally Alexis + Kids = No. *Snort* My poor mom has finally settled into the fact that I'm just not a baby person. Why are they always so sticky?! *Headshake* Anyhow, there are a couple of exceptions to my rule and that's my nephew Dorian and my nephew by best friend association, Sebastian. I kind of love both those kids. (But don't tell anyone) This Little Loves stamp reminds me so much of those adorable boys and I just love it!

I did some paper piecing with the stuffed bunny, because I just HAD to and I had fun creating a loud background for him.

Hair: E25 & E27
Clothes: B37, B39, E39, YR61, YR65, Y38 & Y23

The sentiment is from the same set, and there is also another cute baby in the set.  I always struggled finding images of babies that I could use on projects for showers or early birthdays and these are a perfect addition to my collection. (In fact this card will go to Dorian after I release it here)

I hope you liked today's project and I hope to see you all over at the main Some Odd Girl Blog for the chance to win this awesome set!

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