Sunday, March 24, 2013

Steampunk Fairytale

*Cracks knuckles* Alright, lovies. This is my very first attempt at submitting to be on a Design Team and I figure it's best just to close my eyes and take the leap, yeah? Well, thankfully I kept my eyes open while I was coloring. (Otherwise this would be pretty impressive). March, unfortunately is my craziest month of the year, so I wasn't able to finish this project in time, but I decided to still tackle the first two of a set of cards I've been conceptualizing from Simply Betty's line of Steampunk Fairy Tales & Myths figures. I am so in love with them. (Honestly, I love all the Steampunk images, but I've always had a not-so-secret love affair with twisted fairytale imagery and stories)

Glass Slipper? Try Prada
For my first, I chose Cinderella. I love that she kind of looks like Marie Antoinette. I wanted her to be especially pale, almost like a ghostly version of the traditional storybook character, which I think is fitting since it kind of looks like she's chilling out in a graveyard. (And admiring her awesome shoe)

Copic Colors:
Skin - E0000-E01 & E93
Hair - E30-34 & E37
Dress - B91-B99 & E40-E43

Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair

The next I worked on was Rapunzel.I think her sweetness is a bit more contrasting with Cinderella's darker feel. I thought it was interesting that she was pregnant, and while I suppose you could assume this was part of her happily ever after, I chose to see it as Rapunzel getting naughty with her prince while trapped in that tower of hers. *Brow Waggle* Anyway....

Copic colors:
Skin: E00-E02 & E93
Hair: E31-E34
Dress: RV32-RV34 & RV95-RV99
Castle: BV23-BV29

I wanted these to be a sort of matched set. I've planned, when I've finished them all, to create a sweet little box to put them in to give like a stationary gift set. I can't wait to color and assemble the rest so that I can post up the completed project! Now onto Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Mixed Media Book

It's finally finished. It only took me a million years. Okay, maybe only since late January...but still....

So, earlier this year I took a Mixed Media class (or several) with the brilliant and funny and very talented Dina Wakley. In that class we started a book, and just a week ago I finally completed it and I'm quite happy with the results.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Birthday Fishes

I made a card this week that I'm super proud of. It's for one of my favorite people in the world, and her birthday is the same as mine (March 16th) and so I thought a mermaid would be the perfect option for our Pisces connection. But which mermaid to choose? I love so many of them. But finally I settled on a stamp I'd never used before from the Under the Sea Mae set. I made the other one in the color along on UStream a couple weeks ago, but that one is very pink, and my friend is not a big fan of pink. *Snickers*

This is the finished card. Isn't she pretty?

And a nice close up. I love the stippling with Copics. It's fun to mix colors that way and you can just layer them on.

Hair: BG09, BG11, BG49 & BG78
For her tail, I used all of the colors above with the addition of:
Y26 & Y28
BG18 & BG32
I also love the iridescence in the paper I used for the bubbles. It's like bubbles trapped inside of bubbles.

I was so inspired to finish this card, I couldn't even sleep until I did! Is there a Crafters Anonymous?

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Some Odd Girl - March Sketch Challenge

Today's inspiration came from a few difference sources. My favorite nephew's birthday is this month, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to enter the Boys Only challenge, over at the Some Odd Girl blog. And since since I'm a woman of very limited free time, I decided to - what? Multitask! And I also used the inspiration from the March Sketch challenge at the same time.

This is Puppy-Tobie from Some Odd Girl. I've been dying to use him and this seemed like the perfect occasion.

Isn't he a cutie. I've found myself having a few little dudes in my life now, and Tobie seems to fit every occasion with them, which is awesome.

Some of you might have noticed my other inspiration, and that is one of my favorite cartoons, Invader Zim. As soon as I thought of this stamp and my little nephew, I immediately thought of Gir, the little robot that dresses like a little green dog to 'blend in'. *Giggles*

The sentiment is from the Make a Statement clear stamp (Also Some Odd Girl) and the paper is from Die Cuts with a View 'Green Stack'

Copics Used:
Skin: EOO, E000, E01, E93 & E57
Hair: E33, E35 & E 37
Top: YG13, YG17 & YG67. R14 & R17. N1-N8
Jeans: B97, B99, B41 & B45

(R29 & YR09 used as accents on shirt and shoes)

OH! And I finally finished my watermark. What do you guys think?