Tuesday, February 4, 2014

SOG Digi - Best Man & Formal Mae

Hey there! Me again with this week's awesome Digi release!! I was crazy excited about this one, because not only do we get an amazing Formal Mae, but we also get Best Man, which can either be an adorable Bromance or a cute gay couple. You choose. Totally cool, yeah? To start, we have Best Man. If any of you know me, you know I'm a kind of crazy Drarry fan. (Drarry = Draco/Harry fanfiction) I've even been known to write it. So when I saw this digi, I instantly thought of them and colored them up accordingly. *Winks* I think they are super cute and I want to smoosh them together and yell "KISS!". *Clears throat*

Moving on.....

And then we have the ever so stylish Formal Mae in her swanky gown. She's totally rockin the Angelina Jolie leg pose, which I love. I'm crazy about how her dress turned out in the red. I used to be terrified to color red, but now it's one of my favorite colors. The sentiment is also one of my faves from the I Do stamp released in December. I've been using the heck out of that set!

I hope you guys find some inspiration here, or at the very least some entertainment. *Grins* Go to the shop to get yours, and while you're at it, swing by and visit the blog for this month's challenge: Misting & Masking! As always there are some fun prizes up for grabs. AND if you haven't seen the news yet, we now have a very active Facebook Group that will be taking the place of the Ning Community, so join us over there for more inspiration, crazy conversations and general tomfoolery.


  1. Awesome cards!! FAB coloring, Alexis!! wow!
    Loooove Formal Mae's red dress!! Gonna try that too! :)

  2. 1. Drarry. THAT KILLED ME. lullz! (i'd totally love to read your fanfic!)
    2. Creative Girl by Cosmo Cricket. dontcha freaking love that?
    3. you rocked the red.
    4. have i told you lately that i lurve you?!