Friday, January 25, 2013

Some Odd Birthday

For my favorite couple, I made adorable cards using a couple Some Odd Girl images. The first was for my fellow baker buddy, Brenna. I used Baker Mae for the main image (Isn't she cute). Her dress is a combination of Y21-Y28 & BG53-BG57. I made the I Heart Cake banner in Photoshop and cut that, the backers and the continued chevron pattern on my Zing. (Seriously the best thing my husband has ever bought me. I love that he supports my habit...I mean hobby)

Her husband, Roman, has a birthday very close to Brenna's, so I thought it would be nice to make him a card too, even though usually the only guys I make cards for are my own husband and my family members, but I figured being the husband of my best friend makes Roman family, right? Totally. 

For Roman's card, I used 1920's Kody from Some Odd Girl.
I used YG91-YG99 to color his outfit and added a few matching brads and buttons. Roman raved over it, which was very touching. It's always nice to know that the cards you make will be kept and cherished.

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