Thursday, January 31, 2013

First Color Along

So, if you're familiar with the Some Odd Girl community and blog (And if you're not, you should be. Go here - Some Odd Girl Community. Now. Please) then you know about her Live Color Alongs on UStream. Kristy usually ran them on Wednesday's at 1pm, which was swell, except I had to work and I wasn't able to join in. *Pouts* They frown upon setting aside work to color instead at my office. Lame. Anyhow, she recently started alternating an evening class, so I got to participate for the first time!

We did Under the Sea Mae in a series of lovely pinks. I learned some new texture techniques and had a lot of fun with the skin shading. Kristy offered a combination I'd never used before and it made for a very lovely tanned skin.

This was my result for the night.
I haven't made a card with her yet, but I can't wait to design something fun and flirtatious to go with the final colored piece. If you haven't joined the Live Color Alongs yet, I highly suggest it. You can find the one I took - Here

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