Friday, March 15, 2013

Birthday Fishes

I made a card this week that I'm super proud of. It's for one of my favorite people in the world, and her birthday is the same as mine (March 16th) and so I thought a mermaid would be the perfect option for our Pisces connection. But which mermaid to choose? I love so many of them. But finally I settled on a stamp I'd never used before from the Under the Sea Mae set. I made the other one in the color along on UStream a couple weeks ago, but that one is very pink, and my friend is not a big fan of pink. *Snickers*

This is the finished card. Isn't she pretty?

And a nice close up. I love the stippling with Copics. It's fun to mix colors that way and you can just layer them on.

Hair: BG09, BG11, BG49 & BG78
For her tail, I used all of the colors above with the addition of:
Y26 & Y28
BG18 & BG32
I also love the iridescence in the paper I used for the bubbles. It's like bubbles trapped inside of bubbles.

I was so inspired to finish this card, I couldn't even sleep until I did! Is there a Crafters Anonymous?

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