Sunday, March 24, 2013

Steampunk Fairytale

*Cracks knuckles* Alright, lovies. This is my very first attempt at submitting to be on a Design Team and I figure it's best just to close my eyes and take the leap, yeah? Well, thankfully I kept my eyes open while I was coloring. (Otherwise this would be pretty impressive). March, unfortunately is my craziest month of the year, so I wasn't able to finish this project in time, but I decided to still tackle the first two of a set of cards I've been conceptualizing from Simply Betty's line of Steampunk Fairy Tales & Myths figures. I am so in love with them. (Honestly, I love all the Steampunk images, but I've always had a not-so-secret love affair with twisted fairytale imagery and stories)

Glass Slipper? Try Prada
For my first, I chose Cinderella. I love that she kind of looks like Marie Antoinette. I wanted her to be especially pale, almost like a ghostly version of the traditional storybook character, which I think is fitting since it kind of looks like she's chilling out in a graveyard. (And admiring her awesome shoe)

Copic Colors:
Skin - E0000-E01 & E93
Hair - E30-34 & E37
Dress - B91-B99 & E40-E43

Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair

The next I worked on was Rapunzel.I think her sweetness is a bit more contrasting with Cinderella's darker feel. I thought it was interesting that she was pregnant, and while I suppose you could assume this was part of her happily ever after, I chose to see it as Rapunzel getting naughty with her prince while trapped in that tower of hers. *Brow Waggle* Anyway....

Copic colors:
Skin: E00-E02 & E93
Hair: E31-E34
Dress: RV32-RV34 & RV95-RV99
Castle: BV23-BV29

I wanted these to be a sort of matched set. I've planned, when I've finished them all, to create a sweet little box to put them in to give like a stationary gift set. I can't wait to color and assemble the rest so that I can post up the completed project! Now onto Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood!!

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